Regulation PIOMBINO LIVORNO - 1901

The “Piombino-Livorno 1901” is the re-enactment of the first race that took place in Tuscany and will travel the same roads.

The event is a continuation of “Centenarian Cars Meeting” the Garage del Tempo organizes annually since 2011.

The event is non-competitive and does not provide rankings; the bronze plaque of participation will be given only to vehicles which will complete the run.

Only vehicles built before 1 January 1910 can be admitted. The organizers will invite a small number of vehicles out of the fixed period but at least 100 years old.

The vehicles will move in groups, at an average speed of about 30 km/h, escorted by law enforcement and along the established route, shown in the enclosed maps.

The vehicles should be properly insured and will have to show the Plate of the event, provided by the Organization, in order to participate and access to restricted areas.

As per the attached program, participants will arrive on Friday, at the Castle of Piombino, where they will leave the vehicles in the closed park and continue with transportation to Livorno, the main site of the event. On Saturday morning a bus will move the crews to Piombino.

The entry fee for each crew is € 200 and includes two nights accommodation in Livorno, meals and refreshments, the custody of the cars in supervised parks and bus transfers.