20th / 22nd April 2018

Piombino - Livorno 1901

A forgotten race

Everything started with a phone call in July, 2012. It came from the United States by an Italian-American journalist friend named Antonio Lombardi, who asked for some details about the Grosseto-Livorno car competition of 1901. We have fallen from the clouds, considering that we never heard about it, astonishment was transformed immediately in enthusiasm when Lombardi told us about the competition, which had been won by the pilot Felice Nazzaro, in his debut.
We started a thorough research at the library of Livorno consulting the copies of “La Gazzetta Livornese” from that period, and also in the archives of the newspaper “Il Tirreno” to find information about the competition on “Il Telegrafo” (which was the name of the newspaper from Livorno in that era.)

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